An important sign of recognition for Eletica, being one of the companies selected by the Marche Region to present its work at the EXPO in Dubai 2020. The event took place on 21 February and was attended by numerous visitors both on-site and virtually present.

During the event, Eletica brought its testimony and experience on the ENOUGH project, which is financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Thanks to the development of blockchain and the use of technologies for the traceability of the food supply chain, it will be possible to establish new sustainable practices and limit GHG emissions.

Among the most relevant experiences was its participation as a partner in the Mercury project, financed by the Marche Region within the POR Marche Fesr 2014-2020. A project in which Eletica is also involved with the four universities in the Marche region, the Meccano research centre and numerous local enterprises.

Mercury is a research project realised within the I-labs platform: an innovative research laboratory recently opened in Jesi containing cutting-edge technologies in the fields of mechatronics, industry 4.0, and the internet of things.

Mercury aims to integrate Edge Coputing with DLT and Cybersecurity techniques and represents a best practice of the synergy between the entrepreneurial and academic worlds, which unite to create a critical mass and a driving force for relaunching the manufacturing system in the Marche Region.