At the origin of a custom electronic board there are usually two scenarios:

– The Customer is developing a new product or is re-launching an existing one, making it more efficient and modern.

– The Customer is in difficulty on an existing product, due to reliability problems or the availability of the electronic part.

Whether the product is a concept, an initial prototype or a mature product that requires a new electronic system, Eletica is the right technological partner.

Thanks to internal skills and collaborations with various professionals, Eletica will not only help the Customer to realize the electronic part, but can go much further. Cooperating in the development of the finished product, identifying critical issues, finding innovative solutions, supporting the tests, designing interactive graphic interfaces, taking care of product documentation, etc. …

The basis of an efficient electronic system is an accurate analysis of the product and the drafting of clear, complete and consistent technical specifications.

Eletica is at your service to help you in these aspects and to win on the global market.


Modern electronics are the combination of hardware, information technology, artificial intelligence and telecommunications. This encompasses the cyber-physical system (CPS) concept.

Technological progress and the consequent reduction in prices make it possible to add ever-greater value to products. The electronic systems, even the smallest ones, are always richer in functionality and above all open to interaction with the outside world. USB, Wireless, Ethernet, Internet of Things are terms that have become commonplace.

Ease of use and upgrading, monitoring and remote control, interoperability, security, and safety. These are the characteristics that make a product, even apparently trivial, an interesting and successful product.

A modern design house cannot ignore therefore having an overview of the system and therefore being able to manage different types of software: from small-platform firmware to PC and Web applications, up to Apps for new media (smartphones and tablets). The software life cycle is managed using modern methods.

Eletica is able to develop:

  • Embedded applications of 8/16/32 bit control and automation.
  • Smart embedded consumer, automation and industrial applications 4.0, IoT, Cyber-Physical Systems; HMIs of the latest generation.
  • Desktop applications in various languages, es. Java, Pyhton.
  • Web-based, Android apps.
  • Scientific applications and research in collaboration with research institutes.
  • Collaborations and consultancy for partnerships in European, national and regional projects.

Electronics are composed of “soul” and “body” that must integrate in perfect symbiosis.

The soul is the software, the body the hardware. Equal attention and professionalism is required to develop both, but the software has an undeniable advantage: you can make updates often even while the finished product is in service. The hardware, on the other hand, is “rigid” and therefore requires particular care in the development cycle.

Eletica uses modern CAD systems for hardware design, which allow:

  • drafting of diagrams (block, electric, wiring, etc …);
  • circuit simulation;
  • routing of printed circuits (PCBs);
  • generation of 3D circuit assemblies, for the verification of the correct mechanical integration;
  • automatic generation of project documentation;



Eletica makes an intensive use of 2D and 3D CAD systems, which allow to simulate, optimize and define the mechanical aspects of the project. Typical cases are the insertion of an electronic card in housings with restricted spaces or unusual shapes, the positioning of touch screen display with relative frame, the design of supports, the optimal arrangement of connectors and electromechanical components etc …

Through the exchange of files in standardized formats (eg DXF, STEP, etc …) the final and optimal solution is built together with the Customer.

The mechanical design linked to the electronics presupposes an excellent knowledge of the components and of the circuit solutions, since it is a continuous process of choices and verifications that a purely mechanical designer cannot conduct autonomously.

Eletica can supply on request also the following services:

  • prototyping and pre-production of mechanical parts using rapid protityping techniques (3D printing, SLS, FDM, etc …)
  • graphic layout design of membrane keyboards, screen printing, vectorization of logos, etc. ..
  • dynamic analysis, fluid dynamics, FEM etc ..

Eletica offers its customers also the prototyping service. Eletica takes care of the total sampling management by providing a unique interlocutor that is able to give the project also the evaluation prototype. This approach provides the client and the project with many advantages including the possibility of immediately assessing any improvements to be made to the industrialization and functionality of the product.

Eletica employs a network of trusted partners, with which it is able to face any prototype challenge. The customer will have only one interlocutor and will be able to concentrate only on those that are his needs, leaving to Eletica the task of organizing the steps and solving the problems that arise during the phases of realization of a prototype in particular when, as in prototyping, a defined and complete production process has not yet been developed.

Procurement of components and materials, assembly, programming, preliminary checks and functional analyses are the phases that Eletica performs on prototypes on behalf of the customer.


Eletica can supply, upon request, the turnkey service, from the idea to the supply of the finished and tested product. Among the activities of Eletica there is also the management of the production process. By relieving the customer of the question such as the availability of the components, their obsolescence or necessary updates. Through a network of trusted partner companies, we can follow and fine-tune the entire production process chain, as well as the creation of dedicated test systems, to provide customers with a thought-free end product.

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